How To Find The Real Estate Agent That Will Do The Best Job For You

OR……..How you can sell your home for more without being trapped,
taken advantage of, manipulated or ripped off by a slick real estate agent

Survey after survey reveals that real estate agents are among the least respected professionals in the community:


You can see that real estate agents rank towards the bottom, just above sex workers and politicians!!!

Let's face it, this would come as little surprise to most people. But why is this? Why are agents perceived as so untrustworthy? Why do we hand over our most prized asset to someone we (apparently) do not trust?

There is a reason for this lack of respect

It can be traced back to the industry's sales strategies – a system of traps and tricks used for an uninformed seller or buyer

The real estate profession's reputation is also not helped by how easy it is to become a qualified real estate sales agent. There are far too many inexperienced real estate agents in Australia.

This has led to increased competition for listings, which in-turn has led to an “over promise and under deliver” agent culture. The result is vendor's expectations get heightened to unrealistic levels, which hinders the sale process and therefore damages the agent/vendor relationship.

The vast majority of vendors will list their home with the first agent that they speak to. But this doesn't mean they're the best real estate agent.

Some vendors list their home with an agent who is a friend, or a friend of a friend. This certainly doesn't mean they're the best real estate agent.

Although it's easy to list with the first agent we speak to, and a recommendation is definitely reassuring, is that enough?


We all know that real estate agents sell houses. But selling a house is not as simple as it seems. The real estate agent will perform a number of tasks on your behalf. They will:

  • Provide a realistic market appraisal of your property's worth
  • Advise you on the best method of sale eg. private sale vs auction
  • Develop a marketing strategy for your property
  • Implement that marketing strategy
  • Consult on the best way to present your home
  • Expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible
  • Guide prospective buyers through your property
  • Collect and present all offers
  • Negotiate the best price possible with the buyer
  • Help you make sure you're meeting all of your legal obligations
  • Help facilitate the exchange and settlement

With so many important responsibilities, choosing the right real estate agent is crucial.


Companies have good and average employees and real estate is certainly no different. Individual agents vary considerably, even within agencies.

There can be a huge disparity in the quality of real estate agents operating in any particular area. Regardless of what agency they belong to it is the individual agent, their competency, motivation, experience and support personnel that makes all the difference as to whether you achieve a strong result or end up thousands of dollars short.

The franchise companies invest millions to have you believe that all Ray White, LJ Hooker or Toop agents are the same, but it simply is not true.

The best agent for you doesn't necessarily work for the biggest company, close the most transactions or make the most money. The best agent for you is an experienced professional who:

  • Makes customer satisfaction their number one priority and puts their customer's needs before their own

    You don't want an agent that will just tell you what they think you want to hear, you want one that will tell you the truth.

  • Is internet savvy

    The majority of today's home sales originate on the net. Good agents know how to use the internet to market your home.

  • Doesn't promise an unrealistically high sale price

    Some agents use a high listing price as a ploy to get you to list with them. After a few weeks of getting very little interest at the high price this agent will come back to you and suggest you lower the price in order to generate interest.

    Unfortunately, by then you've lost what is usually the most critical time period in selling a home – the first few weeks immediately after it is listed. Well priced listings get sold the fastest.

There ARE professional, honest, caring and
highly skilled real estate agents out there.

There are agents that focus on maximising the
sale of your home and working hard to achieve
premium results each and every time.

We've partnered with some of Adelaide's best
real estate agents who will provide you with the
level of service and commitment that you expect.

Here Is What You Will Get:

  • Realistic Sale Price Estimate

    You will be honestly informed about how realistic the price you suggest for your property is, based on the market conditions and local supply and demand. You won't be given an over-inflated sale price just to secure your listing.

  • Extremely Competitive Commission

    Our agents charge an extremely competitive fee and do not load up the property advertising costs to make extra money out of you.

  • Effective Negotiation With Buyers

    You will benefit from effective negotiations based on an awareness of other similar properties on the market (the competition) and an understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of your property.

  • Regular Feedback On The Sale Process

    A lack of feedback has consistently come up as the number one complaint vendors have against their real estate agent. You will receive feedback about what is going on at every step of the sale process. You will get regular updates about the performance of your property's marketing campaign and the interest of potential buyers.

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